Marissa Klymkiw

Graphic Designer

Fine Art

Abandoned Chair Photograph | Untitled All-Over Composition | Fusing Image
Abandoned Chair Abandoned Chair
Abandoned Chair Photograph
This project was a combination digital and hand techniques. The photo was taken digitally, manipulated in Photoshop, and divided into several pieces. The pieces were then dipped in bleach, which altered the color of the prints and led to unexpected results. The completed project was purchased by a professor at Cal Poly Pomona.


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Untitled Composition Untitled All-Over Composition
This project was a mixed media piece, combining several different techniques, to create an all-over composition. Some materials used include graphite, charcoal, ink, gesso, and conte.


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Headphones Fusing Image with Expressive Type
This project was a process of enlarging a photograph by hand, rendering the photograph, and inserting expressive type. Music from the headphones was perceived as “drowning” the noise and removing you from something painful, such as fighting between parents.


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