Are You Curious About The Cook's Nook?

The Cook's Nook came from the mind of Marissa Klymkiw. She is a college student who loves art and is majoring in Graphic Design. The topic of food was the starting-off point in her computer graphics class, where she developed this website for a targeted audience.

This website is an outlet for the designer because she enjoys baking and trying new recipes. Sometimes recipes call for techniques or tools that are unfamiliar to the casual chef. Even the basics of the kitchen can be strange to some people. Do you know how to use a Microplane grater, or even know what a carving fork is? Do you refer to it as the two prong thing in your kitchen drawer? If you have answered NO to any of these questions you have to come to the right place on the web. We're here to make these basics a little more familiar to you.

Some goals the designer hopes to communicate to you - the user, include:

(1) Offer proper usage information on kitchen tools so the user can have everyday cooking assistance at their reach.
(2) An informative guide to users who feel lost or confused by the kitchen.
(3) Utilize a level of user interaction with “how-to” instruction. We will try this with embedded video through YouTube.
(4) Offer a network or support system to the user. Stress the importance of family, community, and unity.
(5) Promoting stress relief to users who feel defeated after nightmare kitchen scenarios.

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