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How do I access the utensils section of the website?

You can find utensil information under the "Utensil" tab in the navigation. On that page you will find a complete directory to the utensils that can be found on The Cook's Nook website.

Why can't I sign on to the forums?

Sometimes our servers experience downtime, or you forgot your password and tried signing in multiple times. Feel free to contact us if your problems persist.

I feel so lost about cooking my [insert holiday] meal. Where can I find help or suggestions?

I'm sorry - we do not want you to feel lost. We're here to help. We have thousands of users on our forums who are willing to help. We even have a "Resources" section dedicated to helping YOU out with those hectic holidays. There you can find advice, shopping lists, suggestions, etc. suitable for helping you figure out your kitchen or plan a big meal/get-together.

How do you know so many interesting facts about the kitchen?

Years of experience! Chefs at The Cook's Nook have been baking, frying, grilling, and mixing up recipes for decades. We have the battle scars to prove it too! If you're new to the kitchen it will come to you in time. Like riding a bike - it takes practice, but eventually you get the hang of it. Don't fret, prepare simple dinners and meals at first. There is always a network of support on our forums to help you when you need it. Just go to the nearest computer and log on to the forums.

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