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Sound Low in Frequency


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Infrasound | Can elephants predict natural disasters?

What is infrasound?

Recording Infrasound: Allows Humans to Hear

Katharine Payne experimented with infrasound and the elephants’ use of this low sound range by tape recording their rumbles. Of course, there is special recording equipment available to capture these mysterious sounds. Equipment includes microphones or a preamplifier and recording device. Much of this equipment is only available to professionals in the specified field of study, and is not available to consumers. The recordings Payne made while studying the elephants were groundbreaking and revealed a new realm of elephant life that went on without human knowledge!

Infrasound and Beyond…

Other animals, besides elephants, that use infrasound to communicate include:

When infrasound was subjected to humans they reported feelings of sickness, nausea, anxiety, uneasiness, sorrow, and fear.

Natural events such as volcanic explosions, wind/storms, the impact of ocean waves, avalanches, meteors, and earthquakes can create infrasonic waves or rumbling.

Infrasound | Can elephants predict natural disasters?